Host Perceptions of Tourism Development: The Case of Petra


  • Mithat Zeki Dinçer Istanbul University
  • Füsun İstanbullu Dinçer Istanbul University
  • Zaid Alrawadieh Istanbul University



Host Perceptions, Impacts of Tourism, Tourism Development, Petra, Jordan


The nature of tourism sector requires “consumer” to move to where the service is provided. Consumer’s movement to a different place leads to a direct encounter not only with service providers but also with those who live where the service is provided. This encounter results in a set of changes in the host community’s life. By using a self-completion questionnaire, this paper examined the residents’ perceptions of tourism development in Jordan’s main tourist destination, Petra. The findings suggested that the host community in Petra had positive attitudes toward tourism development in their city. The results showed that social and cultural impacts of tourism were most favored by surveyed sample. Host community is also assumed to favor tourism development for its role in bringing about better local services. The results are discussed thoroughly and directions for future research are suggested.


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