Tools for the Development of Domestic Tourism in Eastern Ukraine Under Conditions of Post-Conflict Situation and Limitations of International and Internal Mobility


  • Halyna Zavarika Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University



Tourism, Post-conflict situation, Pandemic, Mobility, Resort


In the article it has been considered the issues of opportunities for the development of domestic tourism in the eastern territories of Ukraine, which have experienced problems due to the conflict and restrictions on international and domestic mobility due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been established that in the East of Ukraine there are been favorable conditions for the development of domestic rural tourism. It has been proposed to start the development of resort and recreational potential of the eastern territories, namely the creation of a resort town in Starobilsk, Luhansk region, which will specialize in providing medical rehabilitation services for adults, children, disabled people with musculoskeletal diseases, neurological, gynecological diseases, consequences of polytraumas. It has been noted about the need to develop a strategic program for the development of domestic tourism in the eastern territories. It has been established that taking into account the human development index is a necessary condition for the study of post-conflict development of territories. It has been stayted the most promising for the rapid development of the eastern territories is "green tourism". It has been proved that the main driving force of tourism development in post-conflict conditions and restrictions on mobility is to follow the rules of quarantine and search for alternative types of tourism, which are proposed in this paper. The proposals identified in this paper will be useful to many countries whose tourism industry has suffered heavy losses as a result of a pandemic or a complex conflict situation.


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