Training of Local Community Youth in Dahshur, Egypt, as Local Tour Guides and Heritage Guardians


  • Fekri A. Hassan French University in Egypt



Heritage Resources, Youth Training, Tour Guides, Substainable Tourism, Local Communities, Egypt


In an attempt to shift the strategy in Egypt toward sustainable heritage tourism a project was designed aiming to (1) integrate the archaeological site with local natural and rural heritage resources, (2) increase local awareness, (3) engage local community in a scheme of heritage economic development, and (4) valorize of Dahshur as a special tourist destination. The pilot project was implemented in Dahshur, which is a part of the World Heritage Site-Memphis and its Necropolis.  The project included a training program for local tour guides who were introduced to (1) of how to become a tour guide, (2) Introduction to archaeological, natural, and rural resources of the area, and (3) the basic elements of cultural heritage management. Another program was devoted to enhance the awareness of local youths of the significance and values of the heritage resources in their vicinity, and to encourage them to take part in protecting and conserving heritage at risk from looting, neglect, and a transformation of local traditional dwellings. Without such programs, no measures for protecting Egyptian heritage, now in great danger, and promote sustainable tourism will succeed given that local communities are at present marginalized and excluded from the management of Egyptian heritage resources.




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Hassan, F. A. (2014). Training of Local Community Youth in Dahshur, Egypt, as Local Tour Guides and Heritage Guardians. Almatourism - Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development, 5(2), 39–49.