Geography and Tourism


  • Giacomo Corna Pellegrini University of Milano



geography of tourism, experience, knowledge, environmental responsibility


The paper suggests that Tourism and Geography are closely intertwined, because tourists are in search of experience and geographer has as its main purpose the pursuit of knowledge. Models and hypotheses need always to be verified in the
territorial context of daily fieldwork, geographical interpretation and travel experience, were Geography and Tourism entwined in reciprocal relationship of personal attitude, nature, and field research. Environmental responsibility is another and common field were Geography can change and develop Tourism in the same mutual support in a continuous and mutual way. The case studies support it fully.


In recent decades the Tourism scientific literature has increased everywhere in the world, coinciding at a global scale with the explosion of this phenomenon. It has been studied by economists, psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists and geographers from its course, among the first in Italy Umberto Toschi, already in the pre‐war years. A complete bibliographic review would be too broad. It seems more useful to report, in addition to a contribution of Toschi, joints collation of a few recent texts, which refer to more comprehensive insights.

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