“Il Dolore, il Lutto, la Gloria. Rappresentazioni Fotografiche della Grande Guerra fra Pubblico e Privato, 1914-1940” a Conference on the First World War and its Representations

Gianluigi Di Giangirolamo


On the occasion of the First World War Centenary, the Department for Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna in Ravenna together with the SISF Italian Society for the Study on photography, promoted the conference Il dolore, il lutto, la gloria. Rappresentazioni fotografiche della grande guerra fra pubblico e privato, 1914-1940 between 26-28 May, 2016. The conference was organised in collaboration with the University of Padova, the Fundation of Historical Studies Filippo Turati of Florence and the Institute of the History of Italian Risorgimento of Rome.


War; Photography; Conference; Pain; First World War Centenary

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2036-5195/6436


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